Saturday, February 28, 2009

sorry sorry sorry

Michelle got on me today about not blogging every day and said I need to no matter how boring it may be. Sorry if I have worried any one (Jack). We did have a load headed for PA, Mass, Long Island. While we were in New York our DM (the guy who routes us) called and needed us to swap a load with another guy. So we met him at a truck stop and switched our trailers right there. His load was going to Maine and he would not have made it on time. We got to Maine and was held up for a day and a half. That is the only time our truck stops moving. Sleep is pretty interesting because there are three of us and we take turns sleeping and driving. That means we each sleep every other day and drive every other day. Like I would drive for ten hrs, sit in the passenger seat for ten hrs, and when the next person got up to drive then I get to sleep for ten hrs and it keeps rotating. So being held up in Maine was a treat because we were able to sleep with the truck sitting still for 18 hrs. When you stop that fatigue hits you. We are picking up a load in Ohio and headed for Cheyenne Wyoming. It felt good being back in New York. when your in the west it feels weird because of the time difference and it's so warm and sunny you forget the rest of the country is not. But after being in New York and Maine for a few days I am totally looking forward to going back.

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  1. Hey, Michelle, no need to apologize -- sounds like your schedule is pretty wacked; it's gotta be hard to remember what day it is even! Life definitely sounds interesting for you -- but I hope you are still enjoying it!

    Chris tiana