Friday, February 13, 2009

I have not posted in a few days because everything is pretty uneventful. I am still sitting in Indiana waiting to be placed on a truck. I was at the Days Inn which was heaven, but now I am sitting in a hotel where I have to put my shoes on to walk to the bathroom. I had to ask for sheets and pillowcases and bath towels. I really enjoyed Days Inn free continental breakfast now I have no breakfast. I was in walking distance of a starbucks about a mile and a half and now no starbucks. My friend Nader and I Walked to starbucks everyday now we walk to kmart everyday just to get out of this hotel, kmart is 3 miles one way so it is totally worth the 6 mile walk. I don't really care which hotel they put me in because they are paying me to sit and wait and they are paying for the hotel, but no starbucks, that seems criminal.

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  1. ...sounds downright abusive to me!!!!! H*ll, it's not like Days Inn is going to break the bank -- They're so cheap that's where we always had to stay when we were kids and traveled between Dallas and Rochester every summer. One time I remember Days Inn screwed up my Dad's reservations, so we got to stay at the Ramada for no extra cost -- we were so used to my Dad's cheap-skate accommodations that we thought the Ramada was like the friggin' Taj Mahal or something.....Well, maybe they just want to make it so that by the time you get on a truck, you'll think your livin' in luxury????

    Anyways, hope you at least have nice weather for your walks!

    Chris tiana