Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am finally in hammond

Chelle dropped me off at the bus station saturday night at 9:45 pm. I was suppose to arrive in hammond sunday morning 9:10 am and that did not happen because Greyhound is crazy and kept overbooking busy by 20 or 30 people. So I sat in Cleveland for 4 hours and finally a bus came but it was going to downtown Chicago so I went with it and it was really cool, I saw the Sears tower for the first time in my life. I finally arrived in Hammond 9pm our time and just got to our hotel at 10m our time. i am exhausted, I know I miss Chelle and friends really bad but I am so tired I don't know how bad it is.


  1. Ack - hope you got some sleep - and no doubt once you're behind the wheel rather than on a GH bus it'll go better!

    --Sara (the one you keep bumping into at The Little)

  2. Hey Michele,

    Great shot of you. Ahh the places you will go, just like Dr. Seuss says. Thinking of you and I hope you get a chance to sight see a little