Saturday, February 28, 2009

sorry sorry sorry

Michelle got on me today about not blogging every day and said I need to no matter how boring it may be. Sorry if I have worried any one (Jack). We did have a load headed for PA, Mass, Long Island. While we were in New York our DM (the guy who routes us) called and needed us to swap a load with another guy. So we met him at a truck stop and switched our trailers right there. His load was going to Maine and he would not have made it on time. We got to Maine and was held up for a day and a half. That is the only time our truck stops moving. Sleep is pretty interesting because there are three of us and we take turns sleeping and driving. That means we each sleep every other day and drive every other day. Like I would drive for ten hrs, sit in the passenger seat for ten hrs, and when the next person got up to drive then I get to sleep for ten hrs and it keeps rotating. So being held up in Maine was a treat because we were able to sleep with the truck sitting still for 18 hrs. When you stop that fatigue hits you. We are picking up a load in Ohio and headed for Cheyenne Wyoming. It felt good being back in New York. when your in the west it feels weird because of the time difference and it's so warm and sunny you forget the rest of the country is not. But after being in New York and Maine for a few days I am totally looking forward to going back.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

North Dakota

We started our journey across country Sunday night. We left Washington into Montana. I did not see much because it was dark and I was driving through the forest so it was really dark. Yesterday we were in North Dakota(boring). The only thing I saw in Dakota was a big sign that said "North Dakota Cowboy Hall Of Fame". If you are a cowboy or really into cowboys I guess that would be the place to go. It is so dead there they do not even have any roadside rest areas .Well they had one and it took me a day and a half to find it. We are headed for Farmingdale NY. Hopefully I will have new and exciting pictures real soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are now in washington picking up our load and headed for New York, Mass. PA. It will be fun traveling across the country. Hopefully I will get more cool pics.

This is a fancy casino. I hop you all enjoy the pictures.

This is my favorite Because I love the beatles ad.

The gold building is Donald Trumps casino.

This building has a roller coaster on top of it. If you look to the left of the pic you can see part of it.

This water looks muddy but it's not. It is very red and clear you can see the bottom.





This is Chuck our trainer. He's awesome!

This is Kaleena. She was my room mate in Indiana. She is now my truck mate. We picked her up in Nevada.

These are all my favorite pics of Colorado. I have Arizona and Las Vegas coming up next.






More Rocky pictures

Friday, February 20, 2009





Hey everyone! I am back in california at the moment. We are getting ready to head for Oregon. Last time I blogged I said that Utah was my favorite but that was before I got to drive through the Rockies. That is breathtaking. Today We went through Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada into California. I am going to post the pictures that I was able to get through those places. Hope you all enjoy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



This is another type of mountain in Utah.

This is another type of mountain in Utah.

Utah has many different color mountains. This is one of my favorites because it looks like God came down and sprinkled salt and pepper all over it.

This is Utah. We were at Englands main campus and this is the background view.

This is The summit of another mountain in California.

This is us coming down the mountain in California. It's about a 9% downgrade and it goes on for about 40 miles it took about 3 hrs to get down.
This on a mountain in California. It's a rail road bridge. They wrap around the mountain. They run at the top of mountains in the middle, this one is at the base of a mountain.

this is in California on a mountain. It is a covered bridge for a

this is in California on a mountain. It is a covered bridge for the rail road

I saw this rainbow as we were coming into Sacramento. It was huge. It is hard to see here but each color was very bright and bold.

This is in Iowa, There are fields and feilds of these windmills, They also have them in Wyoming. One of those blades are longer than my truck with the trailer and the truck is 70 feet, so that gives you an idea how huge these things are.

This is Wyoming. I spent the night on this road and woke up to this mountain.

This is A hill in Wyoming. I slept next to this hill in the truck and took the picture the next morning.
Hello everyone! I am finally connected again. I have been all over since last Saturday. Right now I am sitting in Denver Colorado at Coca Cola waiting to be unloaded. I don't know where we are headed next but I am really excited to find out. I have taken some really cool pics. My favorite place so far is Salt Lake City Utah. It is amazing. So that is most of the pictures. I am having a lot of fun, but I miss home. When you live on the road you think of all the things you took for granted being at home. On the road you have to plan and think everything out before you do it. At home if you forgot your underwear, well, just run to the bedroom and get a pair. On the road, you just better not forget them!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hi everyone! I am finally back. Thank goodness. I did not have an internet connection but I still had my camera and took pictures of some really cool things. So far I think Utah tops. I love the mountains here. there are mountains in every size shape and color. Thay have big rock mountains, grassy mountains, dirt mountains, but my favorite are the black and white mountains because it looks like God came down and sprinkle salt and pepper on them. I saw a mountain here that looked like a giant puppy dog lying down with his paws under his chin. It was amazing. I was driving and my trainer was sleeping so I did not get that picture. He looked like the dog from the Never Ending Story.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hyjacking the Blog

Hello! This is actually Michelle, the taller. I am hyjacking Michele's blog because she has not been able to get an internet connection while she is on the road. I won't spoil her traveling surprises, but I will let you all know that she has been traveling all over the west, zipping up hills and mountains, skipping around windmills and valleys. She has lots of pictures and stories to share. She's delivered her first load already and is on her way with the next! She's working hard and having lots of fun. She did finally get a shower - and really needed it by then - but says that she felt like she needed another shower to clean off all the ick from the first shower - I guess cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but cleanliness is not next to, underneath, on top of, or even to the right of the truck stop where they showered!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, things are now eventful. I just talked to my trainer, His name is Charles, he is picking me up late tonight. We are picking up a load in Illinois and we have to be in California by Monday. So it's a tight schedule and we will not be able to stop for a shower until California. I am so excited. Finally I am out of this hotel yeah!
I have not posted in a few days because everything is pretty uneventful. I am still sitting in Indiana waiting to be placed on a truck. I was at the Days Inn which was heaven, but now I am sitting in a hotel where I have to put my shoes on to walk to the bathroom. I had to ask for sheets and pillowcases and bath towels. I really enjoyed Days Inn free continental breakfast now I have no breakfast. I was in walking distance of a starbucks about a mile and a half and now no starbucks. My friend Nader and I Walked to starbucks everyday now we walk to kmart everyday just to get out of this hotel, kmart is 3 miles one way so it is totally worth the 6 mile walk. I don't really care which hotel they put me in because they are paying me to sit and wait and they are paying for the hotel, but no starbucks, that seems criminal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today I got my fuel cards and my payroll card so it's pretty official. All I have to do now is wait at the hotel until they call me and let me know who my trainer is and when they will pick me up. That is all right with me because I am still getting paid while I am waiting. They are working pretty hard to get every one out on a truck as soon as possible. About ten people left today. It looks like they are going in alphabetical order so that would put me at the bottom of the list. I also found out today that they will not send a woman out on a truck alone with a guy, so there will be three of us in a truck, two women one guy. They have two female trainers but they are booked up. All my privacy will be gone for the next three months. When I go home I will not know what to do with all of that space.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow, I made it. I survived seven days of hard hard work. There was 40 of us that made it out of 115 people that was in our class. I am so proud of myself that I stayed because the fifth day into I was mentally and physically exausted. I wanted to give up and go home. My next step is to get on a truck with a mentor, my first trip will probably be to Utah, that is really excitng. I am so excited about my journey but at the same time I am very home sick and having a hard time with that. I know that I will be okay and make it through.

Friday, February 6, 2009

This is a picture of Tim McGraw. He is my class mate. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

These are C.R. England trucks they are really cool and I have driven them.

I have finally taken some pictures where my where I am training. This is the training sight in Burns Harbor Indiana. I spend everyday here from 6:30 am to 5pm.

I finally have taken some pictures, this one is my training sight in Burns Harbor Indiana. This is where I spend everyday 6am-5pm.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chelle took this picture of herself the day I left. It is one of my favorite pictures of her and since I am missing her so today it made my heart happy to see this picture. I love you!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My brain hurt so much yesterday that I did not have much to say. Orientation is CRAZY! but to day was better. I took a test yesterday and I got a 91% so that was excitng. Everyday we have to take all kinds of test and we have to get an 80 or better to pass if you can not pass it they send you home. My class seems to be getting dwindled down. We started out with 115, yesterday it was 85, I know today more was sent home. Hopefully we will be done with all the test soon and people will quit going away. Today is a good day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi everyone!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I am finally in hammond

Chelle dropped me off at the bus station saturday night at 9:45 pm. I was suppose to arrive in hammond sunday morning 9:10 am and that did not happen because Greyhound is crazy and kept overbooking busy by 20 or 30 people. So I sat in Cleveland for 4 hours and finally a bus came but it was going to downtown Chicago so I went with it and it was really cool, I saw the Sears tower for the first time in my life. I finally arrived in Hammond 9pm our time and just got to our hotel at 10m our time. i am exhausted, I know I miss Chelle and friends really bad but I am so tired I don't know how bad it is.