Friday, July 10, 2009

On my own again

My team mate turned out to be crazy! I jumped ship and went home. After a few days they asked me to go get the truck she had abandoned. So, I am once again on my own. Hopefully things go much smoother this time around, because I got a GPS, I have my atlas, and my companies direction. Between all three I should not get lost. I just need to learn how to make a solid trip plan, but that will come with practice. I am sitting in Toledo Ohio. I was hoping to get out yeaterday but one of my drive tires was flat. They will definately get me going today. Chelle drove me down here yesterday and helped me clean my truck and organize all of my belongings. I had a lot. Chelle bought me enough food that I should be set for the rest of the year. Probably not, but it sure looks that way. She was a real trooper, she gets creeped out about things being dirty and my truck was not in very good shape, but she stuck it out . She also had to drive home all by herself. She has not driven that far by herself, but she did it and I am proud of her. We discovered that she really depends on me driving especially long distance, and she says that I depend on her for everthing else. I'm not sure about everthing.


  1. grin - you're both just a team ;)

    wowza re the crazies. She abandoned the truck? I can only imagine the crazy in person. I'm so sorry!

  2. OK, maybe not EVERYTHING, but we both depend upon each other for a lot. We're becoming more independent, but the nice thing is that whenever we are back together, things go back to normal. I especially love that I can depend on you to take care of the litter boxes when you are home - oh, and the trash, and the bathrooms, and the . . .