Friday, July 24, 2009


I was talking with my friend Janet a couple of days ago and she told me that she wanted to go to Nebraska. I kind of chuckled and told her I should ask my manager to route me to Ohio to pick her up and then to Nebraska to drop her off. Well the very next day I got a load going to Nebraska. It was a load of beer, not good beer just budweiser. When I got into Nebraska from Wyoming I stopped at a rest area, I went into the stall and next to the toilet was a foot peddle, so I stepped on it and it flushed the toilet. I thought that was great and that every public restroom should install a foot peddle. Chelle and I use our feet to flush any way and this would make it a whole lot easier. I dropped my load of beer this morning and got a load of meat from Nebraska to Indiana. This place is literally in the middle of corn fields, on my way I saw a little sign that said school and an arrow pointing down this little dirt road, it has to be a one room school, because there is no way any considerable size school could fit on this road. I am now sitting at the slaughter house. It is 98 and humid you can imagine how it smells, its disgusting. I see these guys standing out here eating, I can't get out of my truck with out gagging let alone eat. Oh well, I will be out of here soon and maybe my appetite will come back to me.

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