Thursday, August 6, 2009

My new manager

I don't know what happened to my old manager Nick. He sent out an e-mail telling his team that we would all be placed with new managers. I was oh so happy. He stressed me out way too much. My new manager however is really cool and on the ball, his name is Brandon. His last name starts with an M I know that because when he sends us messages he signs BM, I think he should come up with a different sign off. I picked up a load 2 days ago from Cincinatti going to Texas. I made it here last night, and before my head hit the pillow I had a new load to pick up. I picked it up here in Texas, and it's going to San Diego. I am a bit nervous because this will be my first time going out west climbing mountains all by myself. But, I was thinking, last week I survived driving through manhattan, the bronx, and baltimore I am sure I can handle the west coast. It 's more spread out. I am pretty excited about it because I get to drive all along the coast and finally I get to go through Yuma Arizona. I hope that I get to see a lot of sand desert. Right now I am still in Texas, it's 138 degrees. I went for a walk that lasted about 10 minutes. I was afraid that I would get a heat stroke. All day tomorrow I will spend getting out of Texas, I have 565 miles to go. That will be my whole day. If you ask me Texas is way too big and they should give some of it back to Mexico. Last week I was on the east coast I drove 500 miles and went through six states. That is as big as Texas, big enough to put six states, or at least parts of six states.

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