Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Texas heat

Well folks, I have been in laredo all day. This morning at 8am it was 95degrees. by 11am it was 130degrees, yes, I said 130. I could not stay cool enough,our truck has air and we had it blasting it still felt warm in here. The people who live here had on jeans and long sleeve shirts it made me feel even hotter looking at them. It has cooled down and is now 102 which actually feels good. We headed further south today to pick up a del monte load going to Illinois. I think we are as far south as we can possibly go without going straight into Mexico. It really feels like I entered another country. No one speaks english, and all the radio stations are either spanish music or spanish talk radio. My team mate and I got lunch and I was trying to tell the lady what I wanted and she did not understand me and she was asking me questions and I did not understand her so I just said yes and she would put something on my plate. I just didn't want to hold the line up any longer. That is the cool thing about being down here you can get really good Mexican food. It does not matter where you get it, a roach coach or a resturant , you can't go wrong it is all good.


  1. Roach coach? You're funny! You've explained to me what that is, but you might want to tell your other readers what a roach coach is. It puts all kinds of ideas in my head! Love you!

  2. a roach coach - not sure where I heard the term but I know what it is ;) Total dive where the health dept has not yet shut down the place due to density of roaches in the kitchen...

    THAT is way too hot. Though the food sounds yum.

  3. I heard that when in those parts, if you want good Mexican food, you just drive around until you find a house with tons of cars and no signs.... lol