Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting a truck

I made it to Indiana late last night. It was after midnight when I arrived at the hotel, I was so excited to lay down somewhere and go to sleep. Early This morning my dm(driver manager) called and told me that he came in early to start working on getting me a truck. It looks as though I may be starting out as a solo driver, because he has two truck possibilities and they both are empty. I am excited because I get to set the truck up the way I want it and get all my stuff organized in it first. I am really really really scared thinking about picking up that first load all by myself, getting it to its destination on time and not get lost. But, today all I have to think about is getting the truck. I'm sure God will work the datails out later. I am off to get coffee. I'll keep everyone updated on the truck situation.

1 comment:

  1. awesome! i'm sure that you're ready. if you weren't they wouldn't have even mentioned it. *smile* and everything works out the way it's supposed to. btw, do you make more money if you're driving by yourself?