Sunday, May 3, 2009

End in sight

I have not had much time to blog lately. I drive 10 hrs straight and go to sleep and get up and do it all over again. We run pretty tight runs so we have to keep moving. I am on a dedicated run and we run the same route everyday. We were running I40 to I44 which takes us up through Texas and Arizona. Now that it is spring we are running I88 and going through Wyoming. Last night I went to sleep in Oklahoma where it was 70 degrees and woke up in Wyoming where it was 30 degrees and snow on the ground. We ended up in Utah a few hours later and was back to summer weather. It's pretty cool being out here because if you don't like the weather where you are, in 2 hours or so it will be completely different. Like 2 days ago we left Illinois and it was cold and rainy in 2 hours we were in Iowa and it was warm and sunny. I have 2 more weeks on the road and I will be completely done with training. I just have to go back to Indiana for a couple more classes and I am going home for a few days.

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