Friday, May 22, 2009

headed for Indiana

Mike and I have just picked up our last load together. We are in California now headed for Chicago. We will arrive there early Sunday morning then he is taking me to Indiana. Once I get there I will have to do a couple days of class work and then I graduate. Then I am headed home for a few days to spend with Chelle for her birthday. I can not wait to get home see Chelle, pet my kitty cats and just sit in my house. I don't know how the process works once I am done with training. Like getting home, getting on my truck and teaming up with my friend who will not be done with training for a week or two. So, when I get all that information I will give an update. I do have more pictures coming I just have to wait to get off the road to upload them. The desert holds up the whole process. Speaking of the desert I do not understand folks who live there. I mean you live on a rock full of sand, there is no signal for ANYTHING and you have to deal with snakes. I will not even use the rest areas in the desert let alone live there. Well I did use one rest area in Nevada. There rest areas are horrible, out house horrible but I found a modern day area so I stopped because it was urgent when I walked up to it there was a huge sign that said Watch For Snakes And Scorpians. I was freaked but the cleaning lady assured me there were no snakes or scorpions in the building at that time. I did not believe her because she was standing out side with me. I did use the facility full of fear and made a vow to myself never to use rest areas in Nevada, New Mexico, And Arizona. There maybe others but these are the big ones. Give me New York and snow any day.

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