Monday, April 20, 2009

Living in a truck

It is quite odd trying to figure out how to do things when you are living in a truck. It becomes a whole balancing act to try an eat soup, cereal or pour my water into my bottle. It all usually ends up on me. My truck mate thinks it is quite funny to watch me do these things and usually laughs at me. I just wait a few hours and he is going through the same thing then I get to laugh at him. My favorite time is when Mike and I get to have down time because we get a good nights rest, we get to to talk and play games together and we get to eat our food and still be clean afterwards. It does not happen very often because one of us is always driving while the other eats and sleeps. I am hoping to have my balance perfected before I get off the truck. I am positive that as time goes by I will have the whole eating and drinking on the truck perfected as well. We are headed back to California which Iam real happy about because we have been in Chicago and it is cold and rainy. I thought New York was bad Chicago has us beat. I have decided that it is a place I never want to live.

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