Monday, March 16, 2009

Back in Hammond

Saturday night at 1am we arrived in hammond Indiana. It was 2am by the time we got into our hotel room we were wiped out. As soon as I layed in my bed I was asleep and did not wake up or move until 10:30am the next morning. I have gotten good sleep and a shower everyday. I am back in Indiana to do testing on the stuff I have learned over the past 30 days. Today I had my backing test and driving test which I passed. Tomorrow I have more classroom time and I will be done with my upgrade and ready to go onto my next trainers truck. I found out today that I may be able to get some home time during my 2 months of training. I hope that happens. I miss my girlie and my home oh so very much.

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  1. i hope you get to go home! that would be awesome!